Another Post I Didn’t Want to Type …

…butI’m doing it. Firstly, I’m still angry with the NHS. When I’ve calmed down I’ll tell you why. *fuming face* Secondly, it’s short and sweet because I find difficult and my eye site is screwy, but during the week, last week i had a number of fits. Fits which led to tests and scans and … Continue reading

The Fight Continues…

I had a moment this evening.  Panicking slightly, rushing between the bathroom and my bedroom.  Trying to do my bra up, wondering what on earth I was going to wear.  Swearing to myself because my bra is getting tighter. Argh. A month ago I was wishing I had bigger boobs.  Now I have them. Yes, … Continue reading

What I Ate Today…Wednesday 9 January 2013

I’m back and making an effort to record my food diary, it might make me think twice about what’s eat too. Seem to have put on a few pounds over Christmas. Oops. Breakfast: frosted shreddies with skimmed milk and slice of toast with apricot jam. Lunch: 2x muller light fat free yogurts Dinner: chicken and … Continue reading

What I Ate Today…Wednesday 28 November 2012

Breakfast was a bowl of frosted shreddies with skimmed milk. I also had a Müller Light Greek style Luscious Lemon fat free yogurt. Allowed myself a little treat: a coffee using my Nespresso machine – Decaffeinato Intenso strength 7. I added skimmed milk and had a shot of hazelnut syrup. Have been researching coffee and … Continue reading

What I Ate Today…Friday 9 November 2012

Breakfast: Cornflakes with skimmed milk. Toast with honey. Lunch: Ham sandwich with gherkins. Couple of mouthfuls of low fat rice pudding. Dinner: Seafood with linguine 1 sliced shallot, 1 clove of garlic crushed and sliced, a few basil leaves, 1 fish stock, 2 mini sweet peppers, sliced, 1 courgette diced, 2 tomatoes sliced, 2 cans … Continue reading

Bit of a Drama Queen.

I’m wide awake and my right knee is aching and you know what? I’m actually quite happy, actually scrap the quite. I’m happy. Relieved and finally relaxed. The other night it was a totally different situation. I felt awful. Tense. Irritable. Scared. Tired. Freaked out. It’s extraordinary how after one conversation everything can shift slightly … Continue reading

What I Ate Today… Thursday 8 November 2012

Breakfast: Special K with skimmed milk Lunch: Ham sandwich with tomatoes Dinner: 100g stir fry pork (3g of fat), shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, sliced mange tout, sliced carrot, sliced red pepper, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, pineapples chunks and sliced baby leeks. Served with noodles (leeks mixed into the noodles). Ideally would add bean sprouts but … Continue reading