For the Love of Wee

I just can’t stop weeing!  I’ve never noticed before my wee behaviour, but since last night I can’t help but announce it to whoever I’m with.  It’s my main activity.
Mum thinks it’s because I might be starting to lose weight.  I think it may be pressure on the bladder.  Who knows!  I’ll mention it to the Doc.
Today I’m at home, sort of recovering from a hardcore 5 days.  I’m catching up on post and emails.  I’m also going to cook a chicken katsu curry with mum.  
I’ve emailed Marie Claire magazine to ask their fashion advisor where I can buy nice head scarves.  I think it’s time I get all the professionals involved!  I’m preparing for all sorts.  I’ve accepted hair loss is inevitable.  I just want things ready for when it happens.  I’m also going to see my hair dresser (mainly for a gossip and a pampering session – they give me unlimited brownies and champagne – I must just indulge this time…).  She can also cut my hair.  I want it cut into a short bob – I want it manageable and neat, as at the moment it’s shoulder length and becoming a mission to blow dry and sort out.  Oh and I might as well let my roots grow.  No point getting my colour done now, is there?!  Shall save me some pennies.  
I have a crazy busy week coming up.  I just hope I can do it all.  Suddenly friends all want dinner with me.  I’m looking forward to seeing them, just not looking forward to all the meals.  Maybe I’ll just have a lot of starters! and ice cream.  As long as there’s a seat and a toilet close by there’s no reason why I can’t see them all.  Oh and I’ve the energy.  
For the first time I looked at my MRI films today.  Even before diagnosis I was given them but never looked at them because I wasn’t sure what I would be looking at and didn’t want to start sending my brain into over drive.  Now I just look at them, thinking, I’m looking at my cancer, but not entirely sure where the little bugger is.  I’ll take them along with me next time and it get it pointed out to me.  It’ll be so obvious I expect once I’m shown, but for now I’m clueless!  Concrete is more my thing people, not cancer!
Oooh my mum has just made me some lunch!  Might as well get stuck in!
Hope everyone is OK and having a nice Saturday 🙂

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