The Day Before Chemo & Radiotherapy Starts

So tomorrow I start radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and it will be 25 sessions.  Monday to Friday, with weekends off.  Finally it’s here.  I’m excited and nervous.  At times terrified.  This better work.
My Doctor has finally given me pain relief that works, but it was a battle.  They were very reluctant to give me morphine, but finally I have it, and for the last week I have been pain free.
Yesterday I had my hair cut, and it’s now a short ish wavy feminine cut, which will hopefully mean my hair is low maintenance during treatment.  It’s also been done ready for when/if my hair thins/falls out.
A week ago I had my ovaries hitched out the way, hopefully they won’t get damaged during radiotherapy.  They weren’t able to collect any eggs for harvesting as I hadn’t had a period.  I was given the option of putting treatment on hold until I get a period so that eggs could be saved, but I decided not to put things on hold.  I’ll just have to see what happens, and what will be, will be.
Friends and family all know now.  Some have been brilliant, others not so brilliant.  I’ve met my treatment team and been to the unit.  Everyone is so lovely.  I’m glad they’re with me on this.
Tomorrow is the big first day of a totally new chapter.  I’ve been told to stay at home and not think about work or go into the office.  So this time next week I might have met some side effects, but hopefully this thing inside me will be being destroyed.
Today I’m just taking it easy,  pampering myself, watching TV.  Having lunch with my family and just basically relaxing.  Oh and I’ll be scratching (that’ll be the morphine). Arghghg.
I’ll keep you posted.

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