Posted in March 2011

I Hate This.

I’m angry tonight.  I’m angry with everyone that talks to me.  I’m angry with me. My body. My tumour. My life.  I hate my illness and I hate that it’s upset me today. I just want it out of me without going through the scans and the op.  I want to sit with my arse … Continue reading


Well, it’s Saturday.  Daytime TV is different today.  It’s more human, but also assumes you are able to leave the house, so it gets quite dull.  I’m watching Sex and the City on DVD to me up.  I’m looking forward to today.  My sister is coming back from Leeds for the weekend, with her puppy … Continue reading

My Ramblings

My Employer has been amazing.  They’ve visited me in hospital.  They’ve sent me cards filled with messages from people.  They bought me a kindle, my fave perfume and make up for when I’m ready to get dressed up again.  They’ve even paid for transport when I’ve not been able to get to treatment. And to … Continue reading