First Day without IV Antibiotics & Radiotherapy

Well, I woke up this morning when I felt ready.  I didn’t have a cannular in, and I didn’t have to sit and wait for my antibiotics to go through me over an hour.  I was able to take it by mouth instead.
I’ve had breakfast, and watched tv.  I’ve got dressed and put some make up on.  Shortly I’ll walk down to the chemist.  I’ve not walked very much lately and haven’t been outside since Sunday.  I’m rather looking forward to it.  I just hope while I’m out my bowels don’t start working.  Always something I have to think about when leaving the house.
I’ve not needed a nap yet, but might have one later on today. For now though I’m just enjoying feeling a little bit more human than yesterday.
Today I’ve been starting to plan a pub quiz I am doing to organise money for charity.  So much to think about, especially the actual quiz questions.  I want it to be fun, but also a bit of a test on my colleagues. 
Tomorrow I’m seeing my Consultant to discuss my medication and to see what I can come off.  I think she wants to reduce my MST tablets.  That’s fine, as they do make me drowsy however I don’t want to be left in pain.  Eeek.

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