Well, it’s Saturday.  Daytime TV is different today.  It’s more human, but also assumes you are able to leave the house, so it gets quite dull.  I’m watching Sex and the City on DVD to me up. 
I’m looking forward to today.  My sister is coming back from Leeds for the weekend, with her puppy (a sausage dog).  I’m so looking forward to meeting him and seeing her.
I’m feeling pretty fragile at the moment.  The bowels are playing games with me, and I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable.  I’m sleepy too, very sleepy.  I think the walks have knocked it out of me that I did in the week.
I think I need a haircut.  I look like I’m permanently electrocuted.  But if I touch it it comes out. Arghghg.
I’ve had my scans confirmed now. CT scan on April 11 and MRI 12 April.  I’m actually scared.  Once I’ve done that it’s going to be revealed how well the radiotherapy worked and how big the tumour is.  It also means the op gets organised.  OMG.  I don’t think I’m ready for the next stage.

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