I feel better at the moment.  More positive than last time I was here.  I’ve not wanted to cry and hit things for a few days.  I’m still very nervous about my scans though.  
I had a day yesterday which really made me feel human.  It was lovely.  Two friends came to visit me who live in London.  We drove over to Newlands Corner, where we had some lunch in a cafe.  I had a gorgeous sausage sandwich – very tasty.  With some chips to pick at.  The service was disgusting and it tested my patience.  After this we left and went for a beautiful walk, with lots to talk about.  After that we went to the Silent Pool, which looked beautiful but definitely looks better in the summer.  We then went to a lovely pub called the Onslow Arms in Clandon where we had drinks and dessert.  It was gorgeous!  I got home gone 8pm and I wasn’t worn out.  I was full of fresh air and I was happy.  I’d had a day out and I didn’t feel like I was sick.  I was just out, talking and laughing.  I slept well too.
I’m looking forward to getting my life back and enjoying everyday.

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