Go with the Flow

Here I am sat in bed, trying to find a comfortable way to type. My wounds on my stomach and my backside/rectum hurt. So there’s lots of lying on my side, but that makes typing awkward. 

So, what’s new I guess I should start with. Well, not much really.

The last 5 days I’ve suffered constipation that I thought didn’t exist like that. I’ve cried, stayed in bed, used numbing creams, eaten fibre, had laxatives and not a lot helps. It’s been weird. I moaned when things were lose. But this is different. It’s painful now, and it scares me. It takes me back to when the tumour was there. So, I need to get over this quickly because it does nothing for my sanity.

The Surgeon has told me to double my fluids intake and to double the movicol drink I have. It’s harder than I thought doubling what you drink. I must admit I forget to drink. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve brought this on myself. 

I’ve sat up now, laying sideways just didn’t work.

So yeah, my week hasn’t been great nor progressive. Feel like I’ve gone backwards, but I guess this is a lesson I have to learn. At some point I’ll know not to ignore my drink. 

What I am pleased about however is that I’ve had a reason to add to my diet. I was so fed up I just wanted anything to work. So I bought strawberry and banana smoothies, bananas and apples. I snack on them every day. I’ve also been adding potatoes, carrots and peas to the diet.  Obviously it’s not made any difference, but at least my body hasn’t decided that doesn’t agree, leave now please sort of thing.  It’s made me want to try other foods. I know I’ll meet things which try to destroy me, but so far it’s going ok.

What I ate today:
Toasted ham sandwich for breakfast
Drifter for afternoon snack with smoothie
Chicken in breadcrumbs, hash brown and peas with orange juice

Not one of my best days, but it’s a big improvement compared to about 3 weeks ago.  It would have been toast, hoops on toast and yoghurt.

Tomorrow I might try some cereal.  I’m getting fed up with bread.

Next week will be a massive test for me. My mum is having her hip replaced.  So I’m going to be dealing with stuff at home mostly on my own. I just hope I’ll be OK. I’ve got 3 cats to look after and towards the end of the week, a dog too.  Food will be a test too as it’s going to be a lot of microwave stuff as we’ll be visiting Mum at the hospital with little time to eat.  It’s also food I’ve not tried yet. As well as that, it’ll be the first time I have left the house in about 2 weeks. I think it’s going to be quite a week. Worrying about mum, then having her home and trying to do everything, new foods and dealing with whatever my body is doing I guess. I’m hoping it won’t be too awful.  Maybe I’ll just get on with things and look back and realise recover is going OK. Fingers crossed.

I should be in bed. Tomorrow I’d like to blog about people and pain. It’s been on my mind.


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