Posted in November 2011

Welfare Reform Bill – SIGN IT

Proposed changes to the benefits system could leave thousands of people living with cancer without vital financial support when they need it most. That’s why I’m supporting Macmillan’s campaign to put the fair into welfare. You can listen to Macmillan’s podcast and add your name to the petition to help change the Welfare Reform Bill. … Continue reading

A Letter to My Body

Dear My Body I must admit it’s only the last twelve months I’ve actually stopped and really thought about you and what you do. It’s only taken me twenty eight years to really think about what you’re capable of. That’s not a great partnership is it, considering we’re together every second of the day. I’ve … Continue reading

Changing Faces (and hair) 2011.

I’ve taken photographs throughout 2011 but one thing I wanted to log was how I would look from the beginning of my cancer diagnosis to a point where I was recovering and ready for perhaps a new chapter.  Hopefully the future will involve better photographs.  I chose photographs which didn’t completely mortify me.  I’ve left … Continue reading

Chemotherapy. Explained.

I was reading through my blog today and realised I’d missed things out which perhaps might be useful to someone reading. Now that I have more energy and more time I might as well fill in the blanks. Chemotherapy. I’d heard about it, read about it and been scared by it. But I never imagined … Continue reading

A Positive Post *shock*

So after posting my last blog and after closing my laptop I couldn’t quite shift the feeling of suddenly being so negative.  My Counsellor would probably tell me “You’re allowed to show your feelings, your real feelings. You don’t need to put a smile on” – she often has to remind me of this.  I … Continue reading

Good News v My Mind

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post and lately I’ve had a real mixture of thoughts and have wanted to put fingers to keyboard but not quite managed it.  This blog post is all over the show, I warn you now.  I’ve picked it up and put it down over the … Continue reading