Changing Faces (and hair) 2011.

I chose the ones which didn't completely mortify me.  I've left out the hospital pictures purely because no one ever needs to see THAT.

So I started with one look and ended up with another.

I’ve taken photographs throughout 2011 but one thing I wanted to log was how I would look from the beginning of my cancer diagnosis to a point where I was recovering and ready for perhaps a new chapter.  Hopefully the future will involve better photographs.  I chose photographs which didn’t completely mortify me.  I’ve left out the hospital pictures – no one needs to see THAT.  At the beginning I tried to take a photo of me every day, so I’d be able to see the gradual changes.  Unfortunately though I wasn’t always able to take photos due to being too ill or sometimes just too miserable.  But, I think I managed a photo from every month of the year.  I’ve not taken December’s photo yet, obviously.  The first picture was taken in December 2010 – the month my symptoms really started to effect daily life.


5 thoughts on “Changing Faces (and hair) 2011.

  1. Hi, just found your blog today, and read all your posts almost in one go 🙂 You’re a really good writer, and while i have no idea how hard it must have been for you, i can symphatise with all the bowel issues you’ve had, i have a chronic bowel disease myself and it’s sometimes so frustrating and literally a pain in the butt.. allways having to think what you can eat and where is the nearest bathroom. But obviously it’s nothing compared to what you’ve had to go through.
    Just wanted to wish you luck for the future and say that you’re really pretty(in all of the pictures!), and your cat is so cute, what breed is it? Anyway, love your blog and will continue to read it 🙂 Oh and hope you understood everything(english is not my native language)! Best wishes, Marjo from Finland.

    • Hi Marjo

      Glad you found my blog and read my posts. Sorry if some of them are a bit too long. Thank you for your kind words. It is incredibly frustrating and yes, painful – I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with such a horrible disease. How are you these days? You write beautifully, and I understood you perfectly. Mille (my cat) is a Russian Blue, I have another one too, his name is Theo (but haven’t posted a pic).
      Hope you keep in touch and nice to hear from you.

      Take care

  2. So i guessed right, about your cat, thought it might be a Russian Blue. Beautiful 🙂 I have a Norwegian Forestcat, called Nauku.
    At the moment i’m ok, thanks for asking. It’s up and down, and i’ve accepted i’m going to have this for the rest of my life. But it still sucks being only 30, and having to deal with an embarrassing problem like this. Especially when i have a boyfriend who is the picture of health. Ironically, my cat has a sensitive stomach too, so often we run in and out of the bathroom together… 😀 Boyfriend finds it very funny. Anyway, hope your week has started well 🙂

    • Oh wow, Norwegian Forest cats are gorgeous. Beautiful faces and coats.
      It is hard, it gets me most when it stops me doing things, simple things, like a trip to the shops. It’s so true that good health means you have freedom. Sounds like you have a very supportive and understanding boyfriend, who can make a joke when needed. I hope I find someone like that, eventually 🙂
      Your cat has a funny tum too?! So does mine! My mum often says she takes after me – I hope not!
      Take care 🙂
      Hannah xx

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