Nail Art for Beating Bowel Cancer


Earlier this year I was sent a bum badge from Beating Bowel Cancer.  I’ve worn it about my person ever since it arrived and it’s not unusual for someone to look at it and question it.  Job done.  Awareness is happening.  Now I have a lot of time on my hands and one thing that’s kept me entertained is my nail varnish collection.  One afternoon I decided perhaps the bum badge could be transferred to my nails.  Nail art isn’t uncommon and people do do it.  Plus nails get noticed.


So my first attempt was just the thumb.  I wasn’t even sure how I’d do it or if my hand would be steady enough.  But with some very skinny nail tape, very long thin brushes and plenty of time I had no excuse.

My first attempt - just the thumb

Then there was the Stand Up for Beating Bowel Cancer 2011 at the Comedy Store in Piccadilly on Monday 5 December 2011.  I decided I wanted to attempt the bum badges again but this time on 5 fingers.  I don’t think I’ll ever have the patience or skill to attempt my right hand.

Five Bum Badges for Beating Bowel Cancer

I’ve loved creating them and building them up.  It does take time and patience and concentration.  It gets noticed and people ask about them, so as far as I’m concerned the claw hand picking up action I have created to prevent smudging has been well worth it.

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