A Crap Advert

So the Be Clear on Cancer campaign is out there – it’s on the radio, the television and in the papers/magazines. People are finally talking about it.  I’ve read the odd comment here and there about how it is “gross” and “inappropriate” – especially when they’re eating their evening meal…

…be grateful you can eat your evening meal and the only thing upsetting you is an advert.  An advert that lasts seconds and probably won’t leave you scarred for life, mentally and physically.  It could save your life.

Bowel cancer is England’s second most common cancer.  It is the second biggest cancer killer, but it needn’t be that way.  33,000 new cases a year which could be reduced significantly if people are aware of this disease.  It affects anyone.  Just remember that.  Men and women.  Any age.  However, nine out of ten people diagnosed with the disease are over 50 and those with a family history of bowel cancer are more at risk.

With a little bit of knowledge and awareness, it could mean a patient is diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier than if the symptoms were left due to not knowing the signs.  There’s a better chance that the treatment will be successful if caught early.


If you’ve not read my blog, please do.  It’s long and goes on a bit at times, but it’s an honest account of a very private matter.  I’ve chosen to put it out there for people to read.  Even if it just makes one person book an appointment to see their GP due to worrying symptoms then I’m happy I’ve helped.

At times I have considered removing the blog and stepping back from twitter and other platforms, but then I am reminded of how much social media helped me in the early days of my diagnosis.  I didn’t know where to go.  Beating Bowel Cancer  are a truly amazing supportive charity.  Through them, I’ve also met some incredible people, people I now class as friends for life.

I also remember Lisa Almond reminding me how important awareness is.  Lisa sadly passed away on 8 February 2012.  Her blog is here http://loopy-cancer.blogspot.com/ an incredibly inspiring blog and a wonderful and supportive woman.  At times her knowledge and support helped me.  I hope she knew how much.

Symptoms of bowel cancer.

Please don’t turn your nose up at something that might save your life.  Or someone you care about.


One thought on “A Crap Advert

  1. Reblogged this on The Man Who Knits and commented:
    All craft readers, be aware of Britain’s second biggest cancer killer. I know it’s miles
    Away from knitting and crochet, but everyone needs to be aware. It can happen to anyone (and unfortunately has in my family).

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