Posted in March 2012


I’ve had a little celebration today.  This time last week I hadn’t been very well at all.  *Throws self at wood* But, touch wood, the meds seem to be working.  I’ve had a week of being OK. For the first time in approximately 6 months I’ve managed a whole week without being unwell.  There’s been … Continue reading

Hair today, gone tomorrow…

When I was about fourteen my hair started falling out.  I saw my Doctor and eventually saw a Trichologist.  Although he wasn’t too helpful.  He used to make me eat porridge, use a shampoo he had made and occasionally he’d sit me under what can only be described as a giant hair dryer. I learnt … Continue reading

Vile Bile

Well, the post where I told you it might be dairy causing me all the grief which is here might as well be scrapped.  Or, I should finally accept that things don’t go to plan and I have a tendency to speak too soon. After I hit publish on Saturday I went to  bed. The next … Continue reading

Food, Glorious Food…

You may have heard me moan about food lately and how whatever I eat seems to be trying to destroy me internally.  Well, I hit rock bottom about three weeks ago and ended up a sobbing mess. Over food. Well, what actually got me so upset was that I was beginning to think food and … Continue reading

A Progress Meeting

You know you sometimes can’t see how far you’ve come?  It all feels a bit blurry, but you know things have improved. It’s just hard to really take it all in.  Today I got a big reminder of how far I’ve come. I had an x ray this morning, and after an hour of laying … Continue reading