Cheer for Beating Bowel Cancer at the Virgin London Marathon 2012

I don’t know about you but I get really rather emotional watching the Virgin London Marathon.  I am in awe of anyone who finishes it.  Whether they sprint, run, jog, walk or drag themselves across the finish line.

Last year I watched it at home, keeping an eye out for anyone with a Beating Bowel Cancer t shirt or logo about them.  I was at home recovering from radiotherapy and chemotherapy and waiting for my operation, to get rid of my bowel cancer.  So watching it last year was even more emotional.  Watching it, I sobbed and blubbed.

“I want to do that.  If I live, I want to do that, for all the people that can’t do it”

I’d like to think once I’m strong enough and able to run again then I’ll give it my best shot.

But, whilst I heal and get stronger I didn’t just want to be sat at home, watching it and crying.  So this year I’m going to cry and cheer my way through it from the cheer point of Beating Bowel Cancer at the actual event.

So join me, and the many others on the day.  To cheer on the wonderful people who will be running the marathon for Beating Bowel Cancer.  A wonderful charity working hard to beat the awful disease.

Bring your shouting voices.

Info is here:

or tweet them @bowelcancer

p.s. it’s on 22 April 2012 – a Sunday! (in central London)


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