What I Ate Today… Tuesday 6 November 2012

I’ve decided to record my meals on my blog, and I’ll try to update daily, otherwise I’ll aim to do a week in one post if I get really behind.  It’ll be a way of keeping a collection for myself but it also might help other people suffering from bile salt malabsorption keep meals interesting.  I’d also like to hear from people with their food suggestions and ways of slowly adding fat to my diet without causing my body too much distress.  It also might help bowel cancer patients somehow – even if it’s just introducing a food which they’d not thought of trying.

For those who don’t know what bile salt malabsorption is – please look here: Bile Salt Malabsorption Info

It’s basically very very painful and it means unless my digestive system decides to correct itself I will be on a very strict basically no fat diet for the rest of my life, and will have to take medication to go with it – to bind the bile that my body produces up to four times a day.  The better my diet, the better my digestive system and no pain!

I’ve been researching ways of eating and foods to steer clear of and have discovered the following foods are a no no as they increase the production of bile.

celery, daikon radish, garlic, horseradish, lemon, lime, watercress and high-quality dietary oils, artichokes, a high fat diet – polyunsaturated fat-rich diets


So my main plan is to make sure I have a low in fat diet, but alsoI try to eat as well as possible because my bowel is now very sensitive since the cancer treatment and surgery.


Dose 1 of my Questran drink (bile binder)

2x slices of white toast, with a very fine layer of flora light, seedless raspberry jam (I’d run out of skimmed milk so couldn’t have my usual cereal).

Muller Light Greek Style Black Cherry Yogurt (Fat Free)

Water to drink and a Options Turkish delight hot chocolate drink


Dose 2 of my Questran drink

Ham and gherkin sandwich (white bread)

Half a skinny poppy seed and lemon muffin from Starbucks (bought yesterday) – amazingly only 2.8g of fat for the whole muffin (2.2g per 100g) – I’m allowed 5g of fat per 100g – that’s my general rule.


Dose 3 of my Questran drink

Chicken breast with an incision through the middle and Heinz Sticky BBQ sauce put into the incision. Then I used a healthy unsmoked bacon rasher (Tesco healthy living) to cover the incision.  Mum and Dad had 2/3 pieces of bacon over their chicken breast.  Then squirted some more of the BBQ sauce on top of the breast and bacon.  Placed in a oven friendly dish filled the dish with some water and then added some of the bbq sauce to the water.  The water helped keep the chicken really moist.  Mum and dad had the same as me and they both commented on how moist the chicken was and how the chicken had lots of flavour.  Mum and dad could have had cheese on top of their chicken but they decided against it.  Served up with a baked potato and frozen mixed veg – contained peas, green beans, sweetcorn, peppers and carrot battons.

Once the chicken was cooked the water and bbq sauce that was still in the dish I poured into a jug, stirred it until the sauce was stirred well into the water, and then poured over the chicken just before serving.  BBQ gravy.

It was just what we needed.  Something filling and warming after getting in from the cold.  Definitely a success and a dish I’ll definitely be cooking again.  It didn’t feel like diet food and I’m sure my digestive system won’t have any complaints about it, which is a massive bonus.


Muller Light Greek Style Black Cherry Yogurt (Fat Free)

Couple of spoonfuls of Waitrose Chocolate Frozen Yogurt which is 2.6g of fat per 100g – a proper treat food that I don’t really have to worry about.  It’s also one way of allowing myself a chocolate fix when I fancy some.  Finding chocolate which I can eat is a mission impossible really.  So I tend to just have a bite of a friend’s chocolate once every 2 months.

Questions I get asked:
Why don’t you eat brown bread? I do, but I mix it up a bit.  I don’t need much fibre as my digestive system is very sensitive.  So if I have a week of only eating brown bread on top of all the veg I eat, I soon notice my digestive system is working a lot and hard.  So I try not to overdose – I just don’t need it.  My bowel surgeon suggested I just find a balance that I am happy with.
What do you use instead of oil/butter? I use fry light for str fry meals, or anything in a pan.  Sometimes I don’t even bother with that.  Sometimes just controlling the heat and maybe some water or stock is all I need to get the food started.  On toast and in sandwiches I will use Flora light – I’m not a massive fan of it, but sometimes I’ll use it.  I’m not too fussed about using it in my sandwiches as I’m more interested in the actual filling.
Please feel free to suggest meals I can try.  Or cooking methods even!

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