What I Ate Today…Monday 26 November 2012

Probably one of my easy dinner options that is also totally safe but also comforting. Salad will never comfort me.

It was just mum and I tonight so I put two chicken breasts in an oven dish, squirted some Heinz sticky BBQ sauce over them and in the dish, then filled the dish with water (half of chicken breast sat in water). Stuck in oven for about 20 mins on 200 degrees C (fan assisted).

Then cooked 150g of orzo pasta and also some petit pois peas.

Once the chicken was cooked I removed from dish, poured water left in dish into a jug, stirred well and added a bit more BBQ sauce (until I liked it basically).

Served everything on plates and then used remainder of liquid as a sort of BBQ gravy/sauce over the chicken.

Chicken beautifully moist, in a sweet sticky sauce with pasta that looks a bit like rice and peas. Mm. My favourite. I’d have it every night if I lived alone.


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