What I Ate Today…Tuesday 27 November 2012

What did I eat? Easy…everything in sight (it feels like)

Breakfast was a bowl of frosted shreddies with skimmed milk. An hour later I was still hungry so I had a bowl of Special K with skimmed milk again. I had a decaf coffee too using my nespresso machine, again skimmed milk was involved. Oh and some hazelnut syrup. It’s like a cuddle in a mug and maybe a quick snog.

Lunch arrived and I had another breakfast…I really like breakfast food huh?! Toast with apricot jam. Oh and a cherry muller light yogurt.

Dinner was just mum and I, and we fancied something new. So…
Creamy crab and pea pasta was made.

Cooked 200g of tagliatelle with petit pois in same pan. Once cooked, drained but reserved a bit of the cooking water for the next bit. Pasta and peas in pan, put back on the hob. Added a can of crab meat (I couldn’t get fresh crab today, so had to settle for a can – but it was actually fine). 2.5 tbsp of weight watchers creme fraiche added to pan, then the juice of half a lemon, some chopped parsley and a squirt of sweet chilli dipping sauce. We could have used a fresh chilli but I’m still testing my digestive system and how it handles it. So far so good. Seasoned, stirred together and added a touch of water to stop it drying out.

Served on a plate with some fresh parsley on top. Mum had some grated Parmesan on top of her serving. I ran away screaming.

We both agreed it was really tasty considering it was so simple to cook. We’ll definitely be doing it again and think dad would approve. We may need to do some garlic bread with it though, according to mum.

Dessert was a yoomoo chocmoo frozen yogurt.

Oh and I had FOUR maltesers in the afternoon.

Finished the day with a dose of lactulose. Joy of taking opiates…


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