What I Ate Today…Wednesday 28 November 2012

Breakfast was a bowl of frosted shreddies with skimmed milk. I also had a Müller Light Greek style Luscious Lemon fat free yogurt. Allowed myself a little treat: a coffee using my Nespresso machine – Decaffeinato Intenso strength 7. I added skimmed milk and had a shot of hazelnut syrup.

Have been researching coffee and the caffeine effects on the bowel. Apparently decaf coffee has the same laxative like effect as non decaf. It’s not the caffeine that does it, it’s something else in the coffee. I’ve not suffered that side effect with the decaf. I’m only going to know I suppose if I try a coffee that isn’t decaf. Would be rather good if I could drink all types of coffee. Maybe I’ll give it a go next week.

Lunch was a ham and tomato sandwich.

Dinner was sticky lemon chicken with noodles.

Chunks of chicken coated in corn flour then cooked in frying pan using fry light instead of oil.

In a measuring jug I mixed together 200ml of boiling water, chicken stock cube, 1tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp of clear honey and the juice of one lemon. Mixed all together and then put to one side.

Once the chicken was nicely browned and beginning to go crispy I added sliced carrot (1large carrot) and a chopped red pepper. After about 5 mins I added the lemon mixture to the pan and let it simmer. Then added sugar snap peas to the pan.

Served once veg cooked, but slightly crunchy still.

Served with egg noodles on the side.

I really liked how this dish smelt. It was a bit of a pain to cook though. I had cornflour everywhere, but it did give it a really nice consistency. I’ll cook it again even if it was a bit messy to cook.


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