Another Post I Didn’t Want to Type …

…butI’m doing it.

Firstly, I’m still angry with the NHS. When I’ve calmed down I’ll tell you why. *fuming face*

Secondly, it’s short and sweet because I find difficult and my eye site is screwy, but during the week, last week i had a number of fits. Fits which led to tests and scans and emergency key hole surgery.

I was then told I have tumours on my kidneys and my brain. My liver and lungs have so far been spared. I’m scared of course and trying very hard to act like my in a very unusual world. I do though have a wonderful support network around me reminding me I will be OK and I will be me and I will enjoy everything I do.

My family (well some of them – we won’t talk about Granny!) and my boyfriend have just been out of this world wonderful. My friends have reminded me i adore them.


i’m sorry if I’ve not told you in person. I’m exhausted. I’m on a lot of methadone for pain. I don’t really know what day it is. Please though, don’t ignore me or feel awkward. I’m still me. In need of a big laugh.

So that’s all for now folki’s. Must cut it short there’s a nurse I want to throttle.


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