Hi, I’m Hannah and I write sitemanagergal to help raise awareness of bowel cancer and everything that comes with it.  Why?  Because I was diagnosed with it January 2011 age 27.  It’s a taboo topic at the best of times, the bowel that is.  People don’t like talking about their toilet habits.  So when there’s a problem, it doesn’t always get talked about – which is criminal.  If we don’t talk about things, how can we learn or understand things?  Or even fix things.

Prior to bowel cancer, I was working full time in the construction industry.  Yes, I have a hard hat.  I was also studying part time for a degree in construction management – I loved it!  It’s on hold for the time being.  I was also making a half hearted attempt at dating.

This blog is here for me to record everything that’s happened since I was diagnosed.

Update: 17 July 2012

18 June 2012 I was diagnosed again with bowel cancer.

To contact me, please leave a comment.  Or tweet me @sitemanagergal on Twitter.com


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