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I’ve had a little celebration today.  This time last week I hadn’t been very well at all.  *Throws self at wood* But, touch wood, the meds seem to be working.  I’ve had a week of being OK. For the first time in approximately 6 months I’ve managed a whole week without being unwell.  There’s been … Continue reading

A Progress Meeting

You know you sometimes can’t see how far you’ve come?  It all feels a bit blurry, but you know things have improved. It’s just hard to really take it all in.  Today I got a big reminder of how far I’ve come. I had an x ray this morning, and after an hour of laying … Continue reading


I woke up yesterday morning and wanted to get up.  That’s not happened for a long time.  I spent most of December and up until this week staying in bed.  I’d wake up, I’d get some breakfast and then eventually go back to bed, my very own island.  As long as I was in bed … Continue reading