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Bit of a Drama Queen.

I’m wide awake and my right knee is aching and you know what? I’m actually quite happy, actually scrap the quite. I’m happy. Relieved and finally relaxed. The other night it was a totally different situation. I felt awful. Tense. Irritable. Scared. Tired. Freaked out. It’s extraordinary how after one conversation everything can shift slightly … Continue reading

A Very Special Day and Person

The Day I Met Freya North I was nineteen when I read my first book by Freya North.  The book was Fen.  I almost didn’t read it, because of the cover… I can still remember like it was only yesterday how I felt after I’d finished reading Fen.  I was heartbroken, completely heartbroken.  Not because … Continue reading

And I’m Back.

My last blog post was very different to my usual posts. I’ve read it back to myself a few times since posting it and now I feel quite disconnected from that post, almost feels like I didn’t write it. It’s almost three weeks since my last dose of chemotherapy and I feel like me again. … Continue reading

Chemo Round 1. With Feelings.

A week ago today, Thursday 28 June 2012 I had my first dose of chemotherapy, which is Avastin and Irinotecan. So far the plan is to have a dose of each type every three weeks for the next twelve weeks.  I’ll have four sessions to start with.  Then after that I’ll have some radiotherapy and … Continue reading

Bowel Cancer Happened. Again.

My last blog post Time Heals talked about the future and how finally I felt like I had moved on from my illness last year.  Perhaps I spoke too soon. On Monday 18 June 2012 I saw my Surgeon because he finally had my biopsy result back.  It was right at the end of his … Continue reading

Time Heals

I apologise now for how much I ramble in this post… On Saturday it was the one year anniversary of my operation where the remainder of my bowel cancer was removed.  Along with that I lost my rectum and a temporary stoma was installed.  This time last year I was beginning to get my head … Continue reading


I’ve had a little celebration today.  This time last week I hadn’t been very well at all.  *Throws self at wood* But, touch wood, the meds seem to be working.  I’ve had a week of being OK. For the first time in approximately 6 months I’ve managed a whole week without being unwell.  There’s been … Continue reading