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Food, Glorious Food…

You may have heard me moan about food lately and how whatever I eat seems to be trying to destroy me internally. ¬†Well, I hit rock bottom about three weeks ago and ended up a sobbing mess. Over food. Well, what actually got me so upset was that I was beginning to think food and … Continue reading

Sorry about my mood, but I’ve got my…

Remember the blog post where I wrote to my body and I asked it to consider healing so that I’d be able to have children one day? ¬†Well, I imagined at the time of writing that post that I would be in my thirties. Perhaps I’d one day get a period pain, which might possibly … Continue reading

A Letter to My Body

Dear My Body I must admit it’s only the last twelve months I’ve actually stopped and really thought about you and what you do. It’s only taken me twenty eight years to really think about what you’re capable of. That’s not a great partnership is it, considering we’re together every second of the day. I’ve … Continue reading