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A Very Special Day and Person

The Day I Met Freya North I was nineteen when I read my first book by Freya North.  The book was Fen.  I almost didn’t read it, because of the cover… I can still remember like it was only yesterday how I felt after I’d finished reading Fen.  I was heartbroken, completely heartbroken.  Not because … Continue reading


I’ve had a little celebration today.  This time last week I hadn’t been very well at all.  *Throws self at wood* But, touch wood, the meds seem to be working.  I’ve had a week of being OK. For the first time in approximately 6 months I’ve managed a whole week without being unwell.  There’s been … Continue reading

A Positive Post *shock*

So after posting my last blog and after closing my laptop I couldn’t quite shift the feeling of suddenly being so negative.  My Counsellor would probably tell me “You’re allowed to show your feelings, your real feelings. You don’t need to put a smile on” – she often has to remind me of this.  I … Continue reading