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Another Post I Didn’t Want to Type …

…butI’m doing it. Firstly, I’m still angry with the NHS. When I’ve calmed down I’ll tell you why. *fuming face* Secondly, it’s short and sweet because I find difficult and my eye site is screwy, but during the week, last week i had a number of fits. Fits which led to tests and scans and … Continue reading

The Fight Continues…

I had a moment this evening.  Panicking slightly, rushing between the bathroom and my bedroom.  Trying to do my bra up, wondering what on earth I was going to wear.  Swearing to myself because my bra is getting tighter. Argh. A month ago I was wishing I had bigger boobs.  Now I have them. Yes, … Continue reading

Bowel Cancer. My Symptoms.

The Be Loud Be Clear campaign which Beating Bowel Cancer is running this week got me thinking as well as a few emails and DMs from people.  My symptoms.  What were they?  What made me realise something was wrong? So here it is, a very honest account of something I shouldn’t have ignored for as … Continue reading

Nail Art for Beating Bowel Cancer

  Earlier this year I was sent a bum badge from Beating Bowel Cancer.  I’ve worn it about my person ever since it arrived and it’s not unusual for someone to look at it and question it.  Job done.  Awareness is happening.  Now I have a lot of time on my hands and one thing … Continue reading

Welfare Reform Bill – SIGN IT

Proposed changes to the benefits system could leave thousands of people living with cancer without vital financial support when they need it most. That’s why I’m supporting Macmillan’s campaign to put the fair into welfare. You can listen to Macmillan’s podcast and add your name to the petition to help change the Welfare Reform Bill. … Continue reading

Changing Faces (and hair) 2011.

I’ve taken photographs throughout 2011 but one thing I wanted to log was how I would look from the beginning of my cancer diagnosis to a point where I was recovering and ready for perhaps a new chapter.  Hopefully the future will involve better photographs.  I chose photographs which didn’t completely mortify me.  I’ve left … Continue reading

Good News v My Mind

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post and lately I’ve had a real mixture of thoughts and have wanted to put fingers to keyboard but not quite managed it.  This blog post is all over the show, I warn you now.  I’ve picked it up and put it down over the … Continue reading

Not the Best Start to the Week

Yesterday I woke up, from quite possibly the worst night I’ve had in months. The last time I can remember having bad dreams was shortly after diagnosis. I used to dream I was in New York the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  I guess a cancer diagnosis might bring on unusual dreams.  So, I … Continue reading